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 Embar's  Vybhavam

A great star was born in the year 1017 CE under the constellation of Aridhra ( Thirvuvathurai) Nakshatram in the Month of Mesha ( Tamil month of Chithrai) . He was named Ellaialwan by his maternal Uncle Thirumalai Nambhi. He had an Aunt ( mothers younger sister) named Periya Prati , she was married to Sri Kamalanayana Bhatta of place named Mazalaimangalam ( Oh oh you must be wondering where this place is ? it is our modern day Madhuramangalam near Sriperumpudur.) . In the year 1026 CE this pious couple were blessed with a son, He was born in the month of Makara ( Tamil Month of Thai ) under the the constellation of Panarvasu ( it is said he was the amsam of Vaiynatheyan) , His maternal uncle Thirumalai nambhi named him as Govinda Bhatta. Govinda was the first cousin of Elai Alwan. Then both were co-students at Academy of Yadhava Prakasha ( Yadhava Prakasha a Dwaitha Exponent) at Thiruputkuzzi. Elai Alwan was a very bright student and sometimes he had differnce of opinion with his master in interpretation of Vedas , sutras etc. Yadhava Prakasha Misinterpreted the scriptures to suit convenience, and Ellai Alwan did not like it. The climax of this dispute came when Master Yadhava Prakasha gave a wrong interpretation to word Kapasyam as appeared in in Chandadya Upanishad to describe our supreme Lords eyes.( TASYA KAPYAASAM PUNDAREEKAM EVAM ASKHINEE) Yadhava used some derogatory words and and the Ellai Alwan corrected and interpreted the meaning As eyes of Lord was like a Fully blossomed Lotus. This correction he did it in front of all co-students. , because of this incident Yadhava Prakasha became angry and asked Ellai Alwan to discontinue the studies and leave the academy. Then Yadhava Prakasha thought if Ellai Alwan was alive he and his academy cannot survive. Then he along with some senior students he hatched a plan to eliminate Ellai Alwan. Then he went and pacified Ellai Alwan to and invited him to join for a Ganga Yathra up North. Ellai Alwan agreed and all of them left for pilgrimage and his cousin Govinda also was there. Then once they reached Across Vindhayas they wanted to put their plan into action i.e. Kill Ellai Alwan. Some how his cousin Govinda came to know of this sinister plan. , so seeing an early opportunity Govinda advised Ellai Alwan to leave in opposite direction at the night. As advised by Govinda , Ellai Alwan did the same and reached Kanchi ( We know how our Ellai Alwan was saved by Lord Per Arulalan and his consort from getting last in jungles and had safe passage to Kanchipuram) { Even to this days the same event is celebrated as Salai Kinaru Usthavam , the same is enacted in the usthavam.

Yadhava Prakasha noticed Ellai ALwan is missing and asked all the disciples to search for the Ellai Alwan and even our Govinda Pretended to search so that he should not be doubted. Then not seeing Ellai Alwan they all concluded that Ellai Alwan aka Ramanuja must have lost his way in the wild jungle and must have been devoured by wild animals. Then they all continued the sojourn to Kashi. Then on reaching Kashi when all were taking holy dip ,when Govinda took dip and rose his palms , he saw a Shiva Lingam in his hand., then he showed it to his master , for that he told Lord Gangadhara is pleased with Govinda and it is his direct blessings and asked him to continue the worship him. Then they all returned back to base. Then Govinda returned back and did the Prathistai of the Lingam in Madhuramangalam ( even to this day you can see this Lingam) then he dreamt Lord of Kalahasthi beckoned him so he went to Kalahasthi and continued to worship. Years rolled on Our Ramanuja also grew up and he became the disciple of Thirukachi Nambhigal ,Priya Nambhi,Thirukoshtiyur nambhi etc and he had become an ascetic . Ramanuja felt that he needed some trusted lieutenant to assist him , he then remembered Govinda , whose timely advice saved his life. Now the real problem was how to bring Govinda back into Vaishnava fold who was worshipping Shiva. Then he requested his Maternal uncle Thirumalai Nambhi , Then Thirumalai Nambhi went to Kalahasthi and quoted some verses from His acharyan Yamunaithuraivan aka Yamunachaya aka Alawandar's Shostra Ratna Mala and also from Thiruvaimozi, He impressed upon Govinda that worshipping Lord Sriman Narayna is the path to salvation . Then Govinda went along with his uncle to Thirumalai to learn Divyaprabhandam etc. under him. By that time Ramanuja wanted to learn Srimad Ramayana from his uncle Thirumalai Nambhi.( You can see the details shortly in the url www.thirumala.ramanujatempels.net  very shortly) Then when he finished his Srimad Ramayana studies under Thirumalai Nambhi , Guru cum uncle wanted to gift something to his student and lamented he did not have anything to give. Then seizing the opportunity he asked Govinda to be gifted to him, which Nambhigal readily did . Then Ramanuja and Govinda returned back to Srirangam via Kanchi, After returning back , Govinda was always sad and missed his uncle very much. Then seeing the sad plight Karuna Murthy Ramanuja immediately asked him to go back to Thirumalai Nambhigals place. . Then once he reached Thirumalai Nambhigals place , nambhigal refused to see his face and told him to go back to Ramanuja, then he told Cow once Sold or gifted in dhana cannot be taken back or feed. Then Govinda returned back to Ramanuja , and he was no much more refined, wiser and chastened. Ramanuja showered his move and affection and Govinda also reciprocated. He attended Ramanujas all lectures, discourse, debates expositions and dispositions . Like a shadow of Ramanuja he served his master day and night.

Event though Govinda was married, he never lived a householders life, he remained like a Brahmachari even thought he was married. He wanted to take Sanyasa like his master Ramanuja. But his Mother was unhappy about this and she wanted the Vamsa vridhi, so she approached Ramanuja and told her desire to him. Then Ramanuja asked Govinda to spend some time with his wife in privacy . Govinda respected his master's word and spent time with his wife, but that night he spent time with his wife explaining about Bhagwans athma Gunas etc. Then his wife narrated the thing to her Mother in law and she in turn informed Ramanuja, Then Ramanuja questioned the strange behavior of Govinda, he replied that Lord was every where and there is no question of privacy. Sri Ramanuja tested Govindas Celibacy in different ways and found latter was firm like a mountain and his aim was to become an ascetic.

Finally Udayavar had to budge in and agreed to give him Sanyasa , He presented Govinda a Arch robe of an ascetic and also gave his name "Emperumanar", upon which Govinda protested and informed his master he did not deserve this honor. Then Udayavar joined the first and last Syllables of his name and called him "EMBAR". And thus Govinda got his name "EMBAR".

We all know that the another close disciple of Sri Ramanuja was Sri Koorath Alwan , and he did not have Progeny for long time. With Divine grace and Udyavars blessings he was blessed with Twins. Then Ramanuja and his disciples went to Alwans house to see the child and do namakaranam, Then on reaching the house he asked Embar to fetch the children from inside the house. As commanded by his master Embar went inside and fetched the children. Our Udayavar saw them redolent with Dwaya Mantra, seeing that he asked Embar how is it, then Embar told that when he saw the diwya tejus of the children , to protect the children from Drishti ( evil Eye) , he immediately chanted the Dwaya Mantra . Hence the glow of dwaya mantra was there. Then he immediately told Embar to be the preceptor of the Children and duly named them Parasara Bhatta and Sriram Bhatta, ( He fulfilled one of the three promises he made to Yamunai Thuraivan aka Alavandar)

As commanded by Ramanuja , Embar taught Parasara Bhatta all that he learnt from his Udayavar . He succeeded in making the Parasara Bhatta the worthy successor of Ramanuja to carry on the Ramanuja Sidhantha to the future generation.

Then in the year 1137 our beloved Udayavar Shed his mortal coil, at that time his head was resting in Embars lap

After the departure of Ramnuja Embar had no interest in life. In the year 1141 Embar Shed his mortal coil . Embar composed the work called "VIJNAASTHUTHI".


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