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Uniqueness of Madhuramangalam

Each and every place has unique features and significance. In olden days Madhuramangalam was known as Mazalaimagalam. The temple at Maduramangalam is more than a 1000 years old and is said to have been built by a Thondaimandala king called Suparna.The utsavamurthi is the aradhanamurthi of Embar. Sri Embar is believed to be an incarnation of Garuda, for which reason the pushkarini is called Garuda Pushkarini. The villagers firmly believe that poisonous snakes will not harm them. In the Sannidhi for Sri Embar, he is seen wearing a pendant gifted to him by Sri Ramanuja.

 It is said if Issueless couple come to Madhuramangalam , Then get the Kozukattai Prepared and offer it to Vaikuntha Perumal , then to Garudan and last to Embar Swamy , and then they partake Kozukattai they will be blessed with issues. ( It is said Embar is the Amsam of Periya Thiruvadi a.k.a Vynatheyan .

Then it is also said any sort of eye aliments gets cured if you pray to Embar swamy and light the Ghee lamp.  Sriman A M Rajagopalan Asthana Vidhvan of Ahobila Mutt and Editor of famous Tamil Astrological magazine "KUMUDAM JOTHIDAM " has written a article , I have scanned the article put it for your information. I thank KUMUDAM Publication. It is the courtesy of KUMUDAM JOTHIDAM. Please click here to read the article.

It is the Avathara Sthalam of Swamy ( Cousin of Udayavar). It was due to him that Wicked design of Yadava Prakasha failed and we had Lord Emperumanar, who found Teachings of Vashisitaadwaitha and found "Ramanuja Darsanam.

Every Tamil Month Embars birth star  Punarvasu is celebrated in grand manner and every year in the Tamil Month of Thai Embars Thirunakshatram Maho Usthavam is celebrated in grand manner for 10 days and it concludes on Punarvasu Nakshtra.


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